Gypsy’s Take on LAQ Bento!


LAQ WILMA II on Scarlett.png

Okay so LAQ has done some amazing things in the world of Bento. So, shown in the picture above is WillmaII on the Scarlett bento head using the eyes that came with the package; the eyebrows that came with the package and the shape came with the package . LAQ’s Hud is so simplistic that I didn’t even have to think to figure out how to use it. It is that amazing. The Hud comes with 3 tabs.

LAQ Scarlett Motion Capture HUD 2First tab is Features shown in the picture. It has all of your makeup, for all of LAQ’s skin colors including freckles; wrinkles and blush and then you can decide how dark you want those special features to be. You can also create your own . It also has your eyebrows and again you can decide how much they are expressed on your face and your eyelashes which can be adjusted by shape and length and trust me when you choose long they are long and I love that so you don’t have to go trying to find add-ons. Next you have your hair base in six different colors along with masking and the next is your lips and your eyeliners. You can’t get any easier than that, it’s Fantastic. Up on the top of the hud you have the OMEGA, yup, yup Omega layers you want to activate for lips; eyeliners; eyebrows; hair bases; ears and the new “Eye fx layer, featuring shading and eye reflections on a separate layer. This way, shading and reflections stay intact even when avatar moves the eyes. Your eyes will reflect light in the evening.” (quoted from instruction card).

LAQ Scarlett Motion Capture HUD.PNG

Next is your Mocap moods and poses and these are so fun and so easy to use. So you have pensive; pleased; bossy; blasé and then static blinks; lips and smile so those are your default and then can choose to just have a happy pose playing or flirty; playful; angry; upset; hungry; eating; amazed; tired and sleeping and then you can decide pose for photo’s. Also, check this out this is so great, different teeth options that’s great it also has another tab so you can save your looks and make them easy to go back to if you have several different ones.  The LAQ bento heads are a definite gotta wanna get it because it is so easy that is fun to play with.

The next picture that I have is showing Apple skin which came out SO well on the Scarlett bento head. So everybody run out and get your LAQ bento heads. The prices are very comparable too! Also, the instructions that come in the folder are so easy to understand that I was super impressed.


So that’s my take on LAQ’S Bento.

Blueberry icon angel wings

Le Fashion Whore Olivia Crop Top

Truth Scout hair –

Legal Insanity – Cookie baggy blue jeans bandana/chains –




Le Fashion Whore XXX Event Logo.pngis bringing it with her sensational Le Femme Fetale Gacha! Don’t miss this! With her incredible Dress and Corset with Panties Duo inside you can shoot for her absolutely got-to-have it Pink Or White Rares with Boots to boot. The rares come with a hud that gives you optimal color and pattern options.

The White set is pictured here with the netting on the side. Hurry up! It’s gonna get crowded!

Hair: Argrace Shigure

Head: LAQ Bento~ Scarlett
Skin: LAQ~Wilma2

Body: Maitreya

Femme Fatale Dress Maitreya White Rare
Femme Fatale Panties Maiteya White Rare
Femme Fatale Boots Maitreya White Rare & Crop
Femme Fatale Gloves Maitreya White Rare

Pictured Above with Title:

Femme Fatale Gloves Red
Femme Fatale Corset Red
Femme Fatale Panties Red
Femme Fatale Boots Red & Crop

The HUD included with the dress is only compatible with the rare dresses.\The Corset has two huds one for the Rares and one for the commons.

XXX Event

Event starts the 15th – 5th










MU GRAND OPENING INVITATIONSecond Life entertainment can take on many forms and second Life residents loving to listen to awesome music, blow off some steam with some friends or are really actually wanting to get their dishes done nothing quite does it like dancing with a bunch of friends or making new ones at great clubs with amazing music.

Music Underground_001Music Underground is just that. It is new, it is hip, and it will set your excitement level to fever pitch with its incredible EDM, Techno, Trans Live Mix Dub step and Remix sounds.
The incredibly original build, created by the well renowned architect Tyler Tillman takes you into the rushing waterfalls of what may make you think you have stepped into the amazing Amazon but have actually stepped deep down into a cave the will lead you to their Dj’s mash up atmosphere. Don’t be surprised when you get swept up in the fun and chaos and bounced around in hilarious madness. But in the very next set you may find yourself enjoying the sounds of in just the opposite extreme.


Music Underground DJ Stand_001Aiming to be open 24/7, Music Underground plans to start out with catering to peak hours. DJ’S and anyone in the hosting career would be richly satisfies to find there selves working here so don’t hesitate to inquire with in.
Grand Opening will start at 6 O’clock AM with the DJ Lineup to start with DJ Hev Trisk then following up at 7 ‘O’clock in the AM till 8 ‘O’clock will be Sprayer then taking the helm at 8’O’clock till 9’O’clock will be DJ TYLER TILLMAN and then closing out the party from 9 ‘O’clock will be DJ Angel.
The Grand Opening spectacular is being sponsored by LOVE Hair and Daddy’s Choice Designs.

Music Underground Sign_001

Skating through Winter in Style

Well, winter is here in a few places in the world and along with winter comes snow and ice and ICE SKATING! Oh yeah, I love me some ice skating. There are only a few things that I love more than Ice Skating and one of those things is looking absolutely beautiful and Absolutely Fashionable.
Well, that is not difficult at all when wearing the fabulously designed! Le Fashion Whore~ Darcy Skating Dress with Ice Skates. There are so many things I love about this dress. I love the dress design and look at that pattern. Wearing this I am sure you will get the exact response from adorable to “Rawr Sexy”.
It comes in Freya; Physique; Venus and Lara. I want to emphasize on how well the design rewards us with our body not sticking through, at least it never did on me and I took it skating. There is a Dress hud for skirt, dress for changing colors you want the dress to be. The hud also provides an ON/OFF button for weather you want pattern or solid.
The skates also come with a hud that changes the color; the awesome pattern, and the choice to have a pattern or just to have the fabulous colors. The lases and blades also change color.Christmas Expo Le Fashion Whore Skate Dress_007
Your wonderful new Ice Skating dress is waiting for you. It is available
M A R K E T P L A C E –
M A I N S T O R E –

Body: Maitreya
Hair: Argrace Shigure Blondes
Skin: Glam Affair Gio Jamaica Catwa applier
Head: Catwa Catya